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Easy Five Step Process


Make the call...

Starting the journey is simple - just pick up the phone and we’ll do the rest! We will make a time for an on-site, free consultation.

From small jobs like removing graffiti through to a full interior and exterior repaint, Deco NZ Ltd are the right professionals for the job. It is our job to inform you, we will let you know what you in for and let you know of your obligations before you make them. So please feel comfortable to call us with any questions you might have.


One Site Free Consultation...

During our consultation is the time for us to get to know each other. We like to understand the motivation behind your renovation work and produce results to suit.

If you are using the spaces we are painting to live in during the redecorating, we can put procedures in place to work around you, by using special paints or admixtures to give less odour. If there is a special event coming up or a timeframe to work within, let us know as we have huge resources available and can usually work it in to our schedule.

We will also discuss what sort of environment could be achieved. Maybe you need colour consultancy, interior design work, paint or wallpaper charts. This is the time for both Deco NZ and you to gather information ready to move to the next step.



Deco NZ will provide you with a comprehensive fixed price quotation based on the information gathered at the onsite consolation. The quote will normally include:

Scope of Works – a description of exactly what we are going to do.

Price – Clear and in bold, this is what you will pay us as the job is done.

Notes – Information you may need to know directly relevant to your job.

Timeframe – Narrowed down as much as possible depending on when the work is to be done.

Terms and Conditions – Your legal obligations and our legal obligations.

Simply sign and send back to us be email, fax, post and we will schedule you in and confirm your job.

You may give us the go-ahead on the spot, or you may need some time to think about it. But we are sure Deco NZ Ltd will decorate you a better lifestyle.


Get It Done...

So you’re happy with the quote, the colour choices, the timing and the team.

You can expect a call or two from us we get ready to undertake your job, we may need to arrange access, power water etc. You will be introduced to the head of the team that is to work on your site and we will go over the job one more time, safety issues and anything else that might come up.

Before the job is done, together we will do an inspection to make sure nothing is missed and all your expectations are met.

When the job is done a final inspection will be done and the job will be presented to you.


Enjoy Your Environment...

This we leave up to you. Please remember when your friends go green with envy and your neighbours get jealous, Deco NZ Ltd gets most of its work from referrals.