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Company Staff Procedures

We provide a comprehensive range of painting and decorating services to all sectors of the market including Commercial, Educational, Residential and Industrial.

Our staff are handpicked from the cream of the crop of tradesman professionals who are polite, competent and understand that being invited onto your property and possibly into your home is a privilege. We have a comprehensive employment process to vet and verify that every member of our staff maintain our high company ethics and are the professionals we claim them to be.

Our team of professional tradesmen are supported by a very experienced management team. We hold the appropriate insurances and guarantee all our work in conjunction with our paint suppliers.

Deco NZ has a three stage system to insure your home/school/commercial site is kept safe.

Stage One

We hire professionals and train them in Health and Safety, introduce our ethics policies and encourage a safe working environment.

Stage Two

We have comprehensive Quality Insurance systems to make sure all work done is in a safe manner.

Stage Three

In the unlikely event that an accident occurs that cannot be avoided, you can feel safe in knowing that Deco NZ has a public liability insurance policy to cover damages up to a value of $5 million dollars.